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Are you suffering from a female hormone imbalance? Our pre-menopause and menopause testing kits can identify what hormones are needing support. Then our practitioner will write up a personal protocol to help you feel better.


Pre-Menopause Testing: This is the time of a woman’s life when her body is getting ready for Menopause.  Pre-Menopause usually begins in the mid 30’s. Some women have many symptoms while others have a few and others none at all. In your female hormones test kit results you may see  progesterone levels start to drop and FSH / LH start to increase.

Menopause Testing: This natural progression in a woman’s life simply means that the ovaries stop producing estrogen, menstruation stops and there is an end to fertility. This natural “change”  can begin around age 45 and ends around age 51.  When estrogen drops some women feel like something has “changed” in their body. They may feel different than before and experience symptoms they did not have before.  Some women will start to have “hot flashes” at night or during the day. One minute their body temperature is normal and the next they feel very warm.  Once estrogen drops a woman’s health can become more “challenged”.  For instance, a woman in menopause is more vulnerable to osteoporosis and heart disease. Included with your menopause testing kit are saliva levels of  Estrogen (Estradiol), Estrone, Estriol, Progesterone and FSH  & LH.  In menopause estrogen drops and FSH / LH are high. Progesterone should be higher then Estrogen.

Menopause Testing Symptoms: dry skin, fatigue, heart rate fluctuations, insomnia, anxiety, loss of sex drive, brain fog, mood swings, night sweats, vaginal dryness, weight gain, hair loss or skin changes. These symptoms can occur suddenly or slowly over time.

Estrogen Saliva test. Estrogen is needed for reproduction and affects the health of the vagina, bladder, breasts, skin, bones, arteries, heart, liver and the brain. Estrogen helps the skin remain smooth and moist, and it affects body temperature. If a woman needs to take estrogen it is important to chose one that does not cause side effects. Menopause symptoms like hot flashes and vaginal dryness can be improved with bio identical  hormones or herbs that support healthy estrogen levels.

HORMONE OVERLOAD AND WEIGHT GAIN:  Sometimes what happens is your hormones are not low,  rather they are HIGH in your tissues. This is what is called “Hormone Overload.” High estrogen, progesterone or even testosterone can cause hormone symptoms just like low levels can. The only difference is HIGH hormones can get stuck and cause the inability to lose weight, no matter how hard you try. Proper support is needed when this occurs.

Estradiol: the main estrogen hormone, which is produced by the ovaries.
Estriol: is highest during pregnancy and helps protect against breast cancer.
Estrone: comes from Estradiol and is the estrogen that is mostly related to the estrogen-dominant cancers.
Progesterone is a hormone that works during the 2nd half of a woman’s menstrual cycle to stimulate changes in the lining of the uterus. If the woman does not become pregnant, the body breaks down the lining of the uterine lining and expels it. This is when the woman starts her period.  Progesterone has calming effects on a woman and thus can help with anxiety and insomnia.
Testosterone effects a woman’s sex drive and having a healthy libido. Women normally have 80% less testosterone than men.

When you are starting to feel female hormone imbalance symptoms, a pre-menopause and menopause testing kit that is a saliva test is a great way to get the answers you need. Along with your test results, you will receive a personal protocol to help you feel better soon.



1) Comprehensive Female Hormones, Adrenals, Thyroid  $445


2) Female Hormone, Adrenals, Gliadin IgA: $330


3) Basic Female Hormones  $260


If you are still menstruating the Pre-Menopause Test Kit should be done on or near day 19 of your menstrual cycle. (Day 1 is the first day you bleed)